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Top 10 weirdest and fun sex toys for girls

Thursday 01st, August 2013 / 15:06

 Top 10 weirdest and fun sex toys for girls 

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10.Bossy Double Toyfriend Silicone Clitoral and G-Spot Vibrator (sex toy for girls)

Wow this is a little treat! A little weird looking but looks fun! ;) That is why it is number ten on the weird sex toys for girls!

product description:

Tickle your sweet spots with the Bossy Double Toyfriend, a silicone sex toy that targets your G-spot and clitoris with smooth contours and high-powered vibrations. Firm and soft with 5 powerful stimulation modes to satisfy.


g spot vibrator

Buy this product Rest of the world Only: $89.99 

Buy this product in Europe Only: £59.99


Lovehoney Flash USB Rechargeable Mini Vibrator sex toy (sex toys for girls)

Now I have heard it all! This is a sex toy for girls best seller and is a usb vibrator!  It is a handy little thing it looks nothing like a vibrator is small and you can charge it on your laptop!

Product description:

Enjoy discreet clitoral stimulation with Lovehoney Flash, a rechargeable USB vibrator made from skin-safe silicone with a flexible, contoured tip. Easy-to-use and powerful, it’s 100% waterproof and ultra-quiet for incredible stimulation wherever you go.

mini vibrator


Buy this product Rest of the world Only $39.99

Buy this product in Europe Only: £26.99


Beginners Basic Vibrating Finger Bullet sex toy (sex toys for girls)

Looks a little scary for a sex toy right? This is a finger bullet! they are great sex toys full of fun very weird but if it gets you where you need to be who cares ;)

Product description:

Designed to deliver intense stimulation, the BASIC Finger Bullet has a powerful vibrator encased in its nubbed sleeve. Simply slip your finger into the ring and begin to explore all your pleasure points… better still, try it with a partner.

vibrating ring - sex toys



Buy this product Rest of the world Only: $7.99

Buy this product in Europe Only: £5.99


Lovehoney 10 Function Venus Butterfly Vibrator (sex toys for girls)

This is a very weird but wonderful sex toy for girls :O It is made so you can wear it with out others knowing! It has ten amazing settings and is weird but wonderful!

Product description:

Slip Lovehoney’s Venus Butterfly Vibrator on and let it stimulate your clitoris with 10 intense speeds and patterns of vibration without having to lift a finger! Featuring adjustable leg straps to hold it in place for wear in the bedroom and beyond.

venus butterfly vibrator


Buy this product Rest of the world Only: $29.99

Buy this product in Europe Only: £19.99



We-Vibe 3 Rechargeable Clitoral and G-Spot Vibrator (sex toys for girls)

Couples sex just get better with this little sex toy for girls / boys! Now This is one of a kind, it is a little weird to use but trust me once you try it you will be amazed!

Product description:

The number 1 couple’s toy just got better! With 40% more power and a wireless remote, We-Vibe 3 upgrades the classic clitoral and G-spot vibrator design to make your lovemaking even more enjoyable. Perfect for pleasure in the bedroom or beyond.

g spot vibrator


Buy this product Rest of the world Only $99.99

Buy this product in Europe Only: £99.99



Get Started Anal Sex Toy Kit for Beginners

This anal sex kit is amazing comes with everything you will need! :O the weird side it is but it is still an amazing buy in the sex toy for girl world!

Product description:

An anal sex toy kit for beginners with everything you need for your first foray into anal stimulation and play. Includes vibrating anal beads, a small anal toy, 2 butt plugs and plenty of extra-thick lube to maximise your pleasure.

anal sex toys for beginners

Buy this product Rest of the world Only: $45.00

Buy this product in Europe Only: £30.00



Pink Venus Pills (10 Capsules)

These pills will make you want sex more, be more sensitive, will give you loads more pleasure and make sex more fun!

Product description:

These Pink Venus pills have been formulated specifically for women and contain a combination of well-researched herbal extracts. These sex pills are designed to help increase and maintain sexual vigor with key ingredients such as ginseng and guarana.

sex pills

Buy this product Rest of the world Only: $39.99

Buy this product in Europe Only: £24.99

Le Reve 7 Function Clitoral Vibrator with Rabbit Ears

This device looks a little weird and hard to use! :o that is why it is where it is on the list! It has 7 settings it is silent and something so so different! To spice up your sex life this is amazing!

Product description:

Perfectly sized and silky smooth, this palm sized clitoral vibrator provides wickedly powerful vibrations, precisely where you want them. Choose from 7 pulsation patterns and transcend into utter bliss as you direct the ears straight to your sweet spot.

rabbit vibrator


Buy this product Rest of the world Only: $44.99

Buy this product in Europe Only: £29.99



Adrien Lastic Ocean Dream 10 Function Remote Control Vibrating Egg

This is the most weirdest and best of it’s type! It is so different and powerful! It has so many settings and will rock your orgasm world! You should go through the link and check this one out!

Product description:

Waves of silky smooth, powerful stimulation is yours with this remote control love egg from Adrien Lastic. Firm with a silicone coating and soft curves to stimulate your clitoris and labia, the egg also boasts a delectable selection of 10 vibration modes.

Love Egg

Buy this product Rest of the world Only: $59.99

Buy this product in Europe Only: £39.99


Jimmyjane Hello Touch Powerful Finger Vibrator

Wow well this is by far the craziest and unusual sex toy on the list!

It is for adding so much pleasure to the girl when touching! It is so powerful and it will make you feel on top of the world!

Product description:

Transform your fingers into dual vibrators with the innovative Hello Touch. Smaller in size with an incredible amount of flexibility and power, the 2 vibrating pods slip onto your finger tips so you can direct the vibrations wherever you please.

Best sex toy for couples

Buy this product Rest of the world Only: $64.99

Buy this product in Europe Only: £44.99

 Leave a comment if you know any weird or fun sex toys you have tried! :)

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